I just joined yesterday and this app has already helped me so much. I lost my father under complicated circumstances. He was an absent father for years. Before he died I hadn't seen him in 10+ years. I struggle with sadness and guilt from this loss. I find myself thinking about what could have been. I struggle with the idea that he died thinking me and my sister hated him. Since his death, I've also been remembering more and more about my childhood. I didn't think his death would impact me as much as it did and continues to impact me. His death is allowing me to grieve more than just his death but also his absence during his time here. The one thing helping me cope with the grief right now is music. I made this playlist filled with songs that describe how I feel about losing a father, death, and my general feelings around the whole situation. I'm going to link the playlist here with hopes that it helps out of you with your grief ❤️ https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4f044c7DZkMwc1t1tEwgwH?si=sQaMGWCBSw-xnohicrwo6Q

Posted by feolaash at 2023-11-14 14:20:12 UTC