Grey's Anatomy season 8, episodes 9, 10, 11... this is helping me process yesterday & today. A character on the show dies, someone very important to one of the main characters, one of the surgeons. She goes over and over the steps of the surgery that was performed. She is trying to envision the entire surgery as it's described by the surgeon and friend that she trusted & even requested to do the work on her husband that she couldn't do... It's a little bit hard to watch but I watch it--of course I'm tearing up when the characters are weeping too. I know it's just a show. But I also keep thinking about that last day with Mama in the ICU. I replay that day with her... not to stay morose underneath everything. I just can't help myself right now. I don't know

Posted by jaymeerocmurphy at 2022-06-15 17:02:43 UTC