The wars in this world has left me broken. I feel guilty for being safe, for having a fridge stocked with food, that i can hold my son who is alive and well, that i dont have to worry if any second i will die from violence. I feel burdened to help innocent lives but feel incredibly useless and helpless with the little i can do. I cannot function and i hate that everyone in my life does not seem to care about the greed and evil in so many human beings and tainted systems. I know nobody in these wars, but the faces of wounded and dying children breaks me. I cannot look away because if i dont share, nobody in my circle will even be aware. But i am dying on the inside. More each day. More grief, more rage, more helplessness, more depression, i dont know anything anymore.

Posted by endallwars at 2023-11-12 17:16:58 UTC