Hi everyone Thank you for allowing me to join. Sorry this is a long one My story begins May 12th 2021 when my beloved Mum passed after a very short time of 3 weeks from diagnosis of lung cancer, to say this broke me is an understatement. My Mum was my go to for everything & life after Mum has been difficult at times. Following this as life started to become easier to live with & things were starting to look a little brighter my 28 year old niece was admitted to hospital in September for what they originally thought was her gallbladder. Things quickly changed and it was liver failure which was poisoning her whole body and she needed a urgent transplant, sadly her body was to weak to operate & she passed on September 11th 2021 leaving behind 2 beautiful babies aged 2 & 3. This again hit our whole family so hard. 2 of our strongest characters gone just like that. We all pulled together and are helping each other through. So then 2022 comes along & we all hope & pray this has to be a better year. January comes & goes, things are ok. THEN February 1st I get that knock on the door no parent ever wants to have. 2 police officers asking to speak with me & tell me I need to sit down. My heart sank & I knew exactly what they were going to say before the words came out. We are sorry to say your son Travis was found this morning in his room (he was at uni) we were unable to revive him. From that moment I have no idea what else they told me. All I know is that I didn’t believe them, it was some kind of mistake, it wasn’t him, someone had got into his room. All they excuses I could think of rushing into my head, it just couldn’t be my beautiful boy. He had only just started living his life he had so much planned, how could this be! Days passed & visitors came & went, cards arrived, phone calls from different places but all I kept saying was it’s not him. I didn’t have to go & identify him as police had done so from his uni records so all I could do was hope & pray they’d got it wrong & when I could finally see him I’d say that’s not him. Regrettably it was my boy but still it didn’t feel real. And honestly it still doesn’t at times. I know it’s only been 10 weeks but does it ever sink in properly? I have no answers as yet of what happened & it will take upto 3 more months as they have to do further tests. So that’s my story. Again I’m sorry it was so long x

Posted by cupid94 at 2022-04-11 15:53:22 UTC