You know the signs you get from your loved ones? The kind that are unmistakably a sign from them and you can't help but cry happy tears. This is one for me. Amongst all the many others my Mom and Poppy give me on a regular basis. I went to Niagara falls with my best friend her husband and my fiance, we ended up at the butterfly conservatory. My best friend's husband sadly lost his Mom 3 months after I lost mine, so my friend group has been through a lot this year to say the least. Well, Dave's mom was with us that day, you could just feel it. Butterflies were all around him, and continued to follow him through the paths. Of course letting him have his moment with his mom was a must, so when we got towards the end I asked if my Mom and Poppy could give me a sign that they were with me, and no joke this little guy came and landed on me directly after I asked. I've never had a butterfly land so aggressively on me, almost like when someone runs up to you and slams into you with the biggest hug imaginable. This little guy is also blue on the inside, my Mom's favourite colour 🩡 If there was ever a sign from my Mom and Poppy, this is it. I'm grateful for their presence in my life after their transition πŸ–€πŸ¦‹πŸ©΅

Posted by etah at 2023-11-08 15:29:06 UTC