I just want to be around people who get it. I think one of the hardest things for me after losing my husband has been the loneliness and loss of true, comforting companionship. Now sometimes it just feels like people walk on eggshells around me. Sometimes it feels like people are watching my every move and other times it feels like people think I’m doing well because I’m functioning (on the outside) at a normal(ish) capacity, like going to work, etc- so they judge me or leave me alone because they think I’ll be just fine. What people don’t realize is sometimes I am so overwhelmed that silence is easier. They don’t see how nighttime haunts me. They don’t understand when I get quiet or distance myself away. They don’t feel the ache in my chest that never leaves. Sometimes I want to scream “be here with me” but can’t. 🤍🕊

Posted by brenna716 at 2022-06-14 23:52:38 UTC