Hi Everyone, I lost my Mom on February 6, 2021. I was with her for 7 weeks before she would see a Doctor. I don't think I'll ever be okay because of that. Seeing like that. Even at the age of 50 at the time. I felt scared, hopeless and alone. I was with her more than anyone for the last 20 years including my Dad. Especially her later years and decline in health it wad just her and I. She cared for me during many surgeries, complications and illnesses. I feel right now no one cares for me or loves me like she did. I didn't expect the second year to be so hard. I have health issues myself. Thankfully not what my Mom had. I'm lonely, anxious and depressed most days. And I get hit with this feeling of being kicked in the stomach followed by a feeling of loneliness. Thank for letting me share.

Posted by Tracy19701 at 2022-06-14 23:24:33 UTC