Evening everyone, Today has been an okay day for me. Usual school/nursery run and managed to go for coffee with my Mama. I’m tired. So tired. I have chronic conditions which have fatigue as a symptom so the exhaustion from grief on top is sometimes just too much. But today I pushed through and I’m paying for it now. Currently sat watching Moana with my babies knowing they should be going to bed but enjoying the time with them too much. Those precious memories, the little things their Daddy is missing breaks my heart. I watch them grow and learn every day and I feel honestly, quite angry that Russ was robbed of that. Why him? Each new milestone is like a dagger right to the heart because he’s missing it all. This grief has shattered my heart but what hurts even more is to know my children are going through it too and I can’t change it for them 😢💔 Sending love to anyone who needs it ❤️

Posted by MrsG at 2022-06-14 18:02:37 UTC