Hi I am Sam- I edited this post to share a little more - sometimes I self edit and I’m working on not doing that. I lost my father to suicide 12 years ago and have also lost 2 friends and 2 family members traumatically (suicide and overdose) over the last few years. One of my friends competed suicide in very similar situation as my fathers and it pulled me back into deep grief. I felt the same feelings of guilt, anger, loneliness, and desire to escape. I am in a grief group in my town but I also want a space to write, share, and reflect on my grief journey and connect with others. I am also in a program for grief counseling and hope to work in a grief center and camps down the road. Here’s a picture of me and my dad from a family wedding. It is a picture I had at my memorial table at my own wedding in 2017. I miss the relationship I’ll never have with him. We were estranged…as I learn more about complicated grief I realize I experienced losing him before he died.

Posted by samantha.r.stroebel at 2022-06-14 14:34:56 UTC