I lost my brother 28 years ago and my step-dad 8 months ago (died exactly a week before my brother's death-day). They never met each other, but the thread of their lives are connected, and in ways I can't fully understand yet; I just feel it. Grief is weird. It's been beautiful, achingly painful, subtly sweet, chaotic, peaceful, cleansing & clarifying, confusing; none of this, and all of this. It's been my life's constant undercurrent. Tonight though, I'm really missing my brother, so I wrote a love letter to him. I've never done that before. Grief is weird, and sometimes it feels indescribably lonely, so I sought a grief group and found this community. Thanks for letting me see into your vulnerability and letting me share mine.

Posted by Joj at 2022-06-14 06:06:10 UTC