Lets share shall we? It is long but I must vent I lost all but one grandparent. My grandpa from my moms side still lives. My grandpa from dad's side died when I was 9. Dont really remember much except he was a total sweetheart. My grandma from dads side died years later. However I am here because of my moms side grandma (moms mom). This was the most painful one. Why, you may ask? Because she was like a second mom to me. Both of my parents work when little and so my grandma will take care of me and my siblings. She believed in me and loved me so much. Mind you ive great parents but my grandma many times was more of a mom than anyone. She was my biggest fan and my twin soul. January 3rd of 2021 i lost her. She had been sick with a sickness that started deteriorating her. Before she left, she couldnt talk or move much. Then she got sick the night before and then passed. What is worse and what im still not over is that she lived in my hometown and i couldnt fly. My passport didnt come in time and when it was time to go and fly aboard i couldnt. Maybe if the passport wouldve come in time (or maybe if ive had acter sooner) i maybe couldve seen her tell her i love her one last time and give her one last hug...but nothing... its been a hard year and a half but theres been some sort of healing (little by little and day by day)

Posted by Carolokis14 at 2022-06-14 00:38:16 UTC