Today was a very Monday-ish Monday. I woke up before the school run alarm and I stared at the ceiling praying that time would go backwards so I didn’t have to get out of bed! I’ve had quite a productive day. I’m starting to clear out the garage of things that have been there for years not getting used. None of them are special but now with Russ not being here, I suddenly feel sentimental about everything. It’s been 16 months for us and I feel ready to at least start sorting things. I cleared the house and spent most of last year painting the rooms and keeping busy and I don’t regret any of that because even though it’s not the same as it was when Russ died, I know he would love what I’ve managed to achieve and that makes my heart happy. But the garage, yeah, I filled that with everything I wasn’t strong enough to part with and kept it there like a comfort blanket gathering dust and providing a home for the spiders! I’ve had an emotional day today and that glitter talked about in the picture, well that’s been coming out in tears and a great pain in my heart. I miss my husband so very much. But despite the day being tough, I’ve almost made it through another one. I’m trying so hard to just make it through them until I can one day look forward to facing them again. How’s everyone else feeling? Sending love to anyone who needs it ❤️

Posted by MrsG at 2022-06-13 16:18:53 UTC