Hi everyone! My name is Brenna and I am new to this community. Although I never expected to be apart of this community and have struggled to find a sense of community, I am glad to have found this app. I lost my husband on 4/29 to a horrific sole car accident. In the blink of an eye my best friend of over 10 years was gone. He was only 29. We just got married 3 years ago. So many plans, ruined. So many dreams, shattered. So many big things are weighing on me but most of all, I miss my home. He was home, my sense of comfort, my best friend. I’m only 27 - and have no idea where to begin. All I know is I will live the rest of my life honoring the kind, humble, supportive and pragmatic man you were. 🤍

Posted by brenna716 at 2022-06-13 16:13:59 UTC