Hello there. I’m Tracy. I got covid in sept 21 My husband caught it too but he went downhill rapidly so called an ambulance. Thought he would just need some oxygen etc. he was put on a ventilator and then induced coma. He passed away 10 days later. We never got to speak with him let alone say our goodbyes. We had been together 30 years (married for 28) we have 3 sons. our youngest had his 18th bday last week - and our middle son will be 21 in a few months - both 1st bdays and milestone bdays without their dad. I was 40 when I lost both my parents to cancer (they were 59 & 63). I had my husband to help me through that. It’s such an unbelievable shock and heartbreak that I am now his widow and face a future without our protector by our side. Every day has its hardships & heartache. Our boys and I take it one day at a time and do the best we can. Sending you all hugs and strength to face our tomorrows x

Posted by TracyC at 2022-04-11 08:26:29 UTC