I lost my Jordan two months ago, he died suddenly and tragically from an accident. We only had a year together. We met through a mutual high school friend of ours when we were teens. We remained friends through facebook over the years. We would exchange fun, Public commentary and debate ideas. Last year he reached out to me after I offered some help and insight into a health issue. We gelled immediately! I was divorced and he was finalizing his divorce. I asked him if he was ever going back to her and he said no, he had moved on. After that day we talked pretty much every day for the past year, morning, noon, night. We slept with the phone on, since we were long distance. So what makes this complicated? Well, the LDR, he came to see me and he was planning to visit again. We were even talking about him moving in with me. His ex called me to tell me of his passing and invited me to the funeral. I was surprised, yet agreed to attend. And now here's where it gets messy. His ex, adult children, brother, sister, mother and other family members had not met me. See when we grew up, he was living with his dad. He said he didn't want to subject me to them because they were so negative and unbearable to deal with and he was embarrassed by them, his words not mine. I attended the funeral, tried to meet his family and friends before the service. At the funeral when opportunity came to speak about him, I shared how precious our friendship was to me and how amazing he was as a person. After that it went downhill. His family called me and harassed me repeatedly and that finally stopped a month ago. They were so mean and nasty and vulgar. So, I have lost him, have no one to grieve with who shared in his life and his family tried to make me feel bad. My hope is gone in being able to connect with his adult children. And I make no excuses for his behavior and bad habits. I'm aware of the truth because he was completely honest with me. We understood each other well. It gets hard and lonely and I feel like I will forget him.

Posted by JordansFriday at 2023-10-24 00:03:29 UTC