Hello everyone, I’m new to this group, thanks for having this space for all of us, for me it’s the first time I write about it …. I’ve lost my brother on July 13th 2021 due to covid-19. It just feels so unreal, he was 34 years old, so young - his birthday was the 14th of June (actually, in two more days) so he left almost a month after. We are three siblings, Mariana my older sister (37), Nelson my older brother (+) and me (23). I am so blessed to have my sister - we support a lot between us and we love each other, she’s kind of a second mom for me, but still I feel so abandoned. Nelson was my protective brother, the one who played always with me, we had this WWE fights at home, shared music and so many videos about food, movies, tv shows… Since I was a baby I’ve always been so close to my siblings, I remember being at the supermarket and my brother was trying to “flirt” with a girl and I ran to him screaming “daddy!!” So my brother just got angry at the very first second, but then he just hugged me and laughed together. We have to much memories, I just feel I can’t with this pain. I pray every night that this is just a bad dream. I’ve lost weight, my memory is a mess, I’m not interested in going out, I’ve lost friends because I just can’t deal with incomprehensible people who thinks grief is just for few months. Anyway, I just want my old life back, I miss my brother very much. He always told me that he and I had a special connection, before he went to the hospital he told me that I had the voice like an angel and I was his angel. Thanks for reading me, I send you lots of light!

Posted by Ximena M. at 2022-06-12 16:22:58 UTC