Hi, my name is Sarah and I lost my dad to covid September 11th, 2022. Surprisingly, the hospital he was at was allowed visitors, that’s something I’m forever grateful for. I got to sing songs to him, hold his hand, talk to him and pray for him…though he was unconscious and on a ventilator, I always felt our hearts connecting each time in that hospital room. Things were looking up for him but he had a stroke that caused a massive bleed in his brain, and there was nothing that could reverse it. This has been a deeply lonely journey, people mean well but just don’t always know how to help. It’s tough. It’s 4:25am right now where I am in the world and I can’t sleep, all I want to do is be able to sit there and hold his hand again, feel the warmth of his skin and tell him how much I love him. I wish I had more photos with him, more videos with him. I wish he could be here to know the children I’ll have one day. I used to be a very motivated person, but it’s been tough walking through this. You just feel worn out most days. You know they’d want the best for you and they’d want to see you thrive, but why does it feel so hard to do that? Has anyone else found themselves experiencing a big drop in confidence and a spike in fear/anxiety?

Posted by Newella at 2022-06-12 09:27:31 UTC