There are times when along with grieving my dad, I also grieve my mom who is well and alive but I grieve her previous version. It feels like along with dad, the happy, carefree and strong version of mum also went away with him. Sometimes when I look at her face, I don't see her at all. She used to be smiling, giggling, doing all the funny goofy stuff. There are also times when I grieve my old self too - now I am more anxious and worried about my mum. This new normal sometimes doesn't seem right when everything else in the world has stayed same. I always feel like I am lost in my own head, trying to make sense of how am I and my family in this situation and will we ever feel joy or even normal again. Does this happen to others? How do you accept this and try to live through it?

Posted by Kritika17 at 2022-06-11 23:27:39 UTC