Hi First post. I’ve been part of so many groups and none have helped. Hoping this one. Does I’m starting here. My losses are complicated Me: Met and Married my Cowboy from Hell (4.20.90 - present) at a Pantera show. (🤘🏻😎🤘🏻) He a born and bred Houstonian. I’ve lived in 6 states; 7 HS growing up We had two amazingly beautiful children Jessica - graduated 1 yr early top 10% her class. Wanted to be. Lawyer Suicide 4.1.92-4.6.16 Zach. My boy. My crazy anything on wheels ….. you name it. He did it 7.2.22 @12:47 pm- skateboarding accident I was videoing him Hit a crack. Fell I’m pretty sure he died right there and then But was pronounced 7.3.22 @9:59 am Organs harvested per his request 7.4.22 So. My reason for “complicated “ I was so dang MAD at Jessica I went BLACK with anger Along with guilt and agony of sadness that i didn’t see it coming Zach It was ……an accident That i watched And can rewatch anytime i want He was TOTALLY in his element It wasnt scary Or gory He was on the ride of his life We all ride Ive got my own Harley. We know the chance we take I like to think he just kept on riding This happened at an amazing water fall / state park in middle Tennessee Anyway Thats my complicated death story

Posted by plow420 at 2023-10-15 01:17:07 UTC