I lost my soulmate in December 2021 after him being in intensive care in a coma and on a ventilator for 29 days with covid πŸ’” He was just 47 πŸ’” we were together for 18 years and 9 months and have two children together who were 9 and 17 when we lost him πŸ’” He is literally the love of my life. We never once had an argument πŸ’” Last week was 6 months without him and it’s getting harder and harder πŸ’” I feel exhausted physically and mentally πŸ’” I’m struggling to keep my house clean, keep myself clean, eat properly as I’m binge eating when I’m severely overweight anyway and desperately need to lose weight. I feel like I’m just on autopilot and getting things done for my kids that they need but not being a good mom πŸ’” Friends and family have deserted us especially since the funeral in January πŸ’” It’s just me and my kids πŸ’” I put a post on Facebook a few weeks ago saying how much I’m really struggling and got a few replies saying β€˜hugs’ and β€˜sending love’ but not one person reached out to us to check if we are okay πŸ’” I drop my children to school and come home to an empty house and sit in silence or try to sleep πŸ’” I feel like I am fighting to get support for my kids especially my youngest who is autistic and last saw his support worker at school 15 weeks ago (it was put into place when his dad went into intensive care but the lady left and there has been no replacement) πŸ’” my heart is broken and I have to help my kids with their grief when I’m struggling with my own πŸ’”

Posted by nickib39 at 2022-06-11 16:28:52 UTC