I lost my boyfriend of 4 years in August. He was on the run for years, and I had no idea. After a police chase, he took his life to avoid going to prison. I can't believe he would put me in this situation, especially after knowing my past. My husband passed away in 2016 from cancer, and he, of course, knew this. I can't wrap my head around his actions. Why would he pursue a relationship with me if he knew he would either go away to prison or end his life before going to prison? Fast forward to his birthday a few days ago, I found out he had a relationship with another woman for almost 2 years. I reached out to her after I started to put a few things together. She confirmed it. She knew nothing of me until the obituary came out, and I was listed as his surviving spouse along with my daughters as his step-daughters. She gave me her phone number, and we talked for over 2 hours that night. Since then, we have texted, and she checks on me to see how I'm doing. She is a good person who was lied to as well. I gave that man everything and our entire relationship was a lie. Through all that, I miss him and love him so much. I'm so mad at him, I hate what he did to me...but I wish I could see him one more time and just be with him. I wish he was still alive. It's so hard to be mad at someone who you can only remember.

Posted by jay z at 2023-10-10 02:56:47 UTC