Hello every one . What helps your Grief ? I lost my mum to covid in September it will be 3 years , unfortunately she was living in Spain , where the virus was before it reached us . I lost my best friend to suicide last September , we did so much together . I lost another good friend to Covid just after Christmas , then my Farther in Law Just before Christmas , due to a fall in Hospital . Its hard enough coping with loosing one loved one , but I'm Grieving for 4 loved ones . Now we have had family fall outs. But I don't want to fight , I want to make the most of my loved ones left on this earth . I just don't know how to deal with all this . Is anyone going through anything similar, do you have any tips ? I go to my loved once special places , but only my farther in Law has a grave to visit , So I've made my own special places . I talk to my loved ones and light candles, sometimes I dream about them and sometimes I feel they are actually with me in Spirit .

Posted by cleacott at 2022-06-11 13:29:15 UTC