I lost my 36 year old niece 12-1-2022 from sepsis because of medical negligence (in my opinion) and her mom, who even in death is still my sister and best friend, 5 weeks later on 1-11-2023. My sister passed away a week before her 58th birthday, from cancer. She was in hospice and couldn’t leave home and I had to break the news to her that her oldest child had passed away in the hospital. I was visiting my niece and sister almost daily, driving between the two places. On 12-31-2022, 30 days after my niece passed away. I got Covid and couldn’t visit my sister. I couldn’t talk to her because she was in extreme pain and heavily medicated. She had the best hospice nurse. The day of her death I tested negative and planned to visit her but she passed away at 6am. The last time I saw her and heard her speak was December 26, 2022. My niece is even harder to speak about. She has a surviving 14 year old son. They were always going places, enjoying life. Now he has to live with a parent and step parent he barely knows and who are in my opinion not sensitive to his tremendous loss. My grandnephew lived with me through his mother’s hospitalization and he accompanied me on the visits. She improved to the point of speaking and starting PT but I don’t think they treated the bloodstream infection aggressively enough and we really didn’t know her cause of death until we received the death certificate. The uninvited memories of what we were going through last year at this time, the approaching holidays and anniversaries of their deaths is all very overwhelming.

Posted by peaceful1617 at 2023-10-08 15:57:50 UTC