My first post here, on May 2nd, one of my childhood friends was murdered. It was a murder suicide so the person who did it is not in jail. I miss her everyday. I found out the next day from one of our friends. I moved states for school and before moving I promised her that we would hang out again. May 3rd I was planning on what we would do when I came back for vacation, Korean BBQ then go to the park where we last hung out. Before leaving the car I found two guitar picks that weren’t mine, when I came into the house and checked my phone..that’s when I found out. I didn’t know at first how she died but knew that she died at home. I didn’t believe it, I still can’t. I changed my flight to an earlier flight back home. The day of my flight as I waited, wearing all black I was facing the windows and saw the sun rise slowly. I muttered, “How cruel is the sun to rise without you here.” She was suppose to move back with her mom in a week, she was suppose to graduate in a week from collage. She was suppose to live her dreams and everything she worked so hard for. Brittany.. I miss you so much dude.

Posted by RED at 2022-06-10 18:51:34 UTC