Hi my name is Bernadette I lost my beautiful Mum to Leukaemia on 6th November 2021 My Mum had been poorly for many years with asthma but treated as copd patient on home oxygen she had never smoked in her life was just unfortunate. She was hospitalised on numerous occasions but always bounced back. Then in September 2020 we received a call from her GP asking us to get her to hospital as blood test showed low hb levels, and that was the start. Due to covid her appointments with consultant we’re on the phone, we received a letter saying her diagnosis was mylodisplasia, I’d never heard of it so googled it. 💔 how could I tell her 😢 mum was then started on blood transfusions every 3 weeks her next appointment over the phone 6 months later mum asked if she had cancer to which her consultant reassured her it wasn’t cancer just anemia. She continued her transfusion every two weeks now. I was baffled and insisted we moved her treatment to a hospital near to us where she was under for her other issues. Finally this happened months down the line and whilst mum was in hospital a consultant came to visit her and sadly explained she had leukaemia 💔 sadly they had to stop her treatment and palliative care was to be put in place. We were messed about with care packages failing and sadly mum passed away 2 days before her package was ready to commence. Heartbreaking as I received a call on that day from carers saying they were on their way, I had to explain mum had passed away 💔 the guilt I carry is so painful, Mums wishes was to be at home I’d always been her only carer and managed but was advised due to her deteriorating I’d need extra support as she needed 24 hour care. I will never forget the look in her eyes of sadness when she asked me “why couldn’t I just look after her” I failed my beautiful Mum and it hurts 💔

Posted by Bernadette at 2022-06-10 00:00:19 UTC