Hi I’m still a little unsure here, but I have found sharing my story and reading others does help. Also I’m new and I thought I posted somewhere, can’t seem to find it now. It’s been almost 2 months now since I lost my brother to a tragic car accident. I’ll start by saying I didn’t know grief or pain could exist like this does. This pain literally hurts to my core, physically hurts my body, soul and mind. I can’t remember anything, my head is in a Constant fog, can’t quit crying, not eating very much, feeling so lost and not unable to process much of this at all. Amongst many other emotions. I’m not quite ready to go into specifics, but I was in the car with him, I was physically hurt but I will heal. However he never will and I literally feel like I’m stuck in time. This was a horrific accident that I don’t know how to process. Let alone come to the other end of that Spectrum. He is gone and I’ll never see, hear or talk with him again. I feel like just a Shell of me is walking around. Would love to take/hear any advice or helpful thoughts.

Posted by Chandler at 2022-06-09 23:15:37 UTC