My mother gave me away at my wedding 4 years ago and I recently came across my wedding video while working on my computer. I haven’t been able to stop replaying it to see and feel my mom. She looked so beautiful and so happy. Such a smiling face throughout the video, I miss her so much. We’ve always been so close and it’s always been just me and her my entire life. The longest I’ve gone with her being away from me was 2 weeks when she visited my aunt in the UK on her own. Now 4 months without her, I just think that eventually I will be living a life where I will be without her longer than I had her and that terrifies me. I’m very grateful to have found this community because everyone has given me a safe space to reminisce her with my pain. I’m not in a place yet where I can think of or remember my mom without hurting so much but this community has truly made such a difference to me in such a short amount of time. Thank you so much everyone.

Posted by michelleali1017 at 2022-06-09 14:00:52 UTC