Hi all, I lost my mom almost 6 months ago to neuroendocrine cancer. Her first diagnosis came in mid October and was thought to be uterine/cervical cancer; they thought they had caught it early and would be able to get on too of it with three months of chemo. As she was in and out of the hospital from November 9 - December 23 we learned that it was really neuroendocrine cancer which had spread quite aggressively. It was what now seems like a very sudden and blurry 8 or so weeks that lead up to my losing her on December 31, 2021. I didn’t know it was stage 4 until they were bringing her home on palliative care and giving us a 7-10 estimate…. my mom wanted so badly to protect me from the brutality for her sickness, but it was no use. It was just plain brutal. She was only 48 and was the glue to my life. She did so much; she was so much. I don’t have the words to articulate. My life is forever changed and all the good I perceived to be ahead of us is now bittersweet. I still hold tightly to the faith she instilled in me and remember how strong she was and— is in me, as I will carry her with me in all I do forever. She was the best, as were each of those whom we now grieve. My heart goes out to all of you and the love you carry for those lost to this truly, unfathomably dumb disease.

Posted by sara.r.beth at 2022-06-09 13:20:04 UTC