Hi everyone, I have followed the untangle grief page on Instagram for the last several months, but just realized today that this app exists! This month is my 6th month without my mom. I lost her about two and a half months after she first started showing symptoms which lead to her first diagnosis of uterine/cervical cancer and led to her final diagnosis of stage 4- neuroendocrine cancer. Sometimes, grief feels too personal to share on social media. But everyday is exhausting honestly and sometimes you just want to remind people that time does not heal all. Every milestone is gut wrenching and random daily triggers bring back the freshness of loss- the reminder that they’re really gone. Also, loss at any time of life is hard, but I am only 20 and at the cusp of adulthood. I depended on my mom for so much still, as did my dad- whom is the only person I live with now- seeing as my sister got married and moved out in April. (Another change). To make a long story short: We’re both grieving and simultaneously trying to be there for each other, which is hard. I’m struggling to envision a future and so is he. For him, the best days are over. For me, it’s hard to believe any of the best is ahead, although I do know so much should be ahead of me at this age. Grief is truly something you can’t fully comprehend until you’re living it. But knowing that I am not the only one facing this plethora of emotions does make me feel s’more capable of facing this uncertain future. 🤍

Posted by sara.r.beth at 2022-06-09 08:44:19 UTC