On April 30th, I lost my boyfriend of 4 years to an accident overdose. He struggled for so long, and he didn’t want to die. People keep saying he’s “out of pain”, and maybe that’s true. But he was only 44, and had so much life to live. I’m angry at him for leaving me here without him. I’m sad for the life he won’t get to live. I miss his touch, his cackle when he would laugh. His little one liners. And most of all I miss the way he made me feel when I was around him. The sober him. He was my favorite person to be around. We had so many plans for this summer, and now all I do it go to work and then straight home and spend the nights alone dwelling, analyzing, and crying. I don’t want to, nor can I do anything else. Everything is a struggle. I feel so empty. I love you, Brendan. I’ll love you until the day I die. Through all the good , and the bad, there was always love. Real, unconditional LOVE. I hope you’re at peace now, and I’m the arms of your loving mother who I know you missed terribly. Until we meet again, my love ❤️BCH❤️

Posted by christineg at 2022-06-09 02:40:07 UTC