I am wondering if others have experienced the loss of friends and family when your loved one died of Covid. When my father died of cancer people were angry at cancer with me. They reached out to me and checked on me. In the 4 months since my sister died, with the exception of my coworkers who are framily, I’ve had one person reach out to me. She texted me this the day she died GAWD🤦🏻‍♀️. 3 weeks later told me she would have called sooner but I was too mad and evidently I still was. She only called for my address for another classmate. I grew up in a small rural community and we were all close until this. I keep telling myself that seasons end. I’ve known them all of my life (I’m 56). My 40 years class reunion is this weekend and evidently I’ve been disinvited. In the grand scheme of things I suppose it doesn’t matter but it hurts. I have lost 5 family members in 3 months and another is in critical condition right now. Utter radio silence. I want to talk about my sister and my guilt and anger and gutted heart. It’s almost like I disappeared to them when she died. It’s like Covid is taboo 💔

Posted by theresalynn64 at 2022-06-08 22:17:52 UTC