I live in my Nans house. After work I’d come home shout “hello nanna” and immediately put the kettle on because I make her the best cups of tea. I’d cook her dinner and sit on her bed as we watched real housewives. Since she’s been gone I’ve been working from home but we’ve recently started going into the office on Wednesdays. Coming home from work I walk to the door and I’m so hesitant to walk through it knowing she’s not on the other side. It breaks my heart each time. Today I went to see my cousins before going home and we ended up talking about all the gossip our Nan would tell us about people on the street, she didn’t even leave the house yet she knew a lot of outrageous gossip 😂❤️

Posted by JadeSummers at 2022-06-08 19:25:35 UTC