It's been over 9 years since my daughter Danielle passed away suddenly at the age of 24. She had a little too much to drink and took a bath. She fell asleep and even though her mouth was barely open and barely under the surface just enough water got into her lungs and she drowned. It's been just over 9 years and in that time my family has been torn apart. My biggest struggle is looking back on the damage I have caused and not knowing how to fix any of it. I also can't seem to deal with her death. I talk about her all the time. I mean ALL the time. Even to people who never knew her. I can relate just about anything to a memory of her. It's pathetic. Several times a year I will redo pictures of her into cartoons or art. I don't know how to deal with it. Whatever that means. She is gone and she isn't coming back. What's to deal with? So I struggle everyday just to get out of bed. I really don't like myself and I am a disappointment to my friends and family. I hate living in this world without her. She was the light and the joy in my life and since her passing I have found myself making bad choices and causing pain to my other children and ex husband. I don't need advice or anything. I just need to be understood. Thank you for reading this post.

Posted by jeanniebobeannie at 2022-06-08 17:42:57 UTC