Grief is so funny, odd, and mind-boggling. I’ve lost three separate individuals that held a significant spot in my life, yet each grief journey is so different from one another. I lost my dad suddenly to a massive heart attack in 2015. I sure miss him but my grief journey feels more like I’m constantly trying to care for my mom and make sure she’s ok. No one really talks about grief in my family and we all just get through it quietly. That’s how it’s always been in my family. Then I lost a beloved mentor and friend in 2020 to brain cancer. I was so thankful to have spent her last few weeks with her, but tragically missed the last two when I came down with Covid. I felt closure from this death, as I got to say good bye and knew it was coming. Her death was not any less hard but I find myself feeling ok with living I with her memory. It’s like I just know she is always there. Finally, I lost the love of my life in August of 2021 to Covid. We spent the summer falling in love and had planned on our first date to make things “official” on his birthday, August 28. We were excited. We were so in love. He passed from Covid on August 15. His death has been the absolute hardest thing to deal with, even months later. I still have so many days when I cry and yearn for him so, so much. I’ll talk to the sky and the stars, hoping he is out there. This grief journey has shaken me to the core and I just can’t move past it. There are days that suck me into grief so deeply that I wonder if I’ll come out of it or if I am ok. Then things balance out and I shift my perspective. Losing him was the single hardest thing in my life, and I just can’t grasp his absence. My, grief sure is funny

Posted by Erin at 2022-06-08 00:19:54 UTC