Hi, I’m Natanya - I lost my dad last year very suddenly. He died at home alone of a blood clot which had travelled to his lung. He was alone because his wife had gone to stay with a friend for the week. The last time I ever saw him was last Father’s Day. It was his birthday a few days after that and then he died two days after his birthday. So Father’s Day, his birthday and the anniversary of his death are all on the same week! 😩 My dads wife, my wicked stepmother bullied him and never liked me so the last time I saw him it was really strained because she was there. She wouldn’t let him sit in the same room with me.. really narcissistic.. I wish I had stood up to her more. I fell out with her over the funeral, where she completely ignored me and organised a wake at my dads house and didn’t invite me. I was never allowed in the house where he lived and died. She did give the pastor some suitcases with some of my dads belongings in to give to me which I haven’t even been able to bring myself to open yet. I am finding it all really hard to come to terms with and easier to blank it out and stay numb to the whole thing really. I miss my dad so much and now live in dread of losing my mum. :(

Posted by nettlefairy at 2022-06-07 20:33:42 UTC