i lost my older sister to a brain tumor on the 23rd of August 2021. i am fifteen years old. she was only 18 when she died. she was my only support in life. i have another older sister but it’s just not the same. me and my sister were very similar and a lot closer than i am with my other sister. she fell ill in december 2020 and went through a lot of treatments before the cancer finally spread into her spinal chord killing her. since she died my parents have done nothing to help me and they have only taken care of themselves. regularly going to see her grave and not asking me if i want to go. never once asked me if i’m okay. this anger towards my parents has caused me to take it out on my teachers and i have being doing badly and getting into trouble a lot etc. but i have a therapist who my parents don’t know about who i see once a week. through seeing her i have realised that i do all that for attention because i haven’t had any since my sister died. because negative attention is better than no attention. all my teachers have only just realised. my sister tried to tell me for years what my parents were like but i was blinded. i have never needed her more than i do right now.

Posted by tilly at 2022-06-07 19:46:04 UTC