Hi, I am here to seek support from people that have experienced the same loss, who understand my pain. I lost my Mum at the end of March this year very suddenly and unexpected. She had been in hospital for almost a week and was making a good recovery with nurses planning her discharge. She unfortunately took a turn for the worse. Her death has been referred for inquest with the hearing scheduled for Sept. Thankfully we were able to continue with her funeral and to say a proper goodbye as we missed that opportunity in the hospital. I still feel so lost. I deliberately kept myself busy, returning to work after a few days. I lost my Dad in the April of 2018 to cancer of which we only had 12 days to digest the diagnosis before he died. I had just started to feel a little more normal with my Mum by my side helping me to grieve. Now I have no one who gets it. I cant explain how i feel, i feel different to when my dad died and for that i feel guilty. I am so lost without my Mum, she was my everything. I feel lost 💔

Posted by clare at 2022-06-07 17:31:04 UTC