I just need a safe space to vent. And I hope someone can relate to me and what I'm going through. So here it goes. I lost my boyfriend and it seems like everyone takes the time to reach out to his parents and his sister, but I constantly feel like I don't have that support. I don't have people checking in on me, I don't have people randomly sending me flowers or gifts, I don't have people coming to visit me. But my boyfriend's family has ALL that support. I cant help but feel neglected or like my grief is somehow less than theirs. As if my grief doesn't matter as much as his parents or his sister's. Which isn't fair. I'm suffering just as much. I lived with him, I slept in the same bed as him for over 5 years. I'm in love with him. We were starting a life together and planning a future together. But somehow I constantly get forgotten or pushed to the side. I know what I meant to him. He told me everyday I'm the best thing to ever happen to him. So it sucks that I'm feeling this way. Especially because he was MY person. He would know what to say or how to make me feel more comfortable and secure. Can anyone else relate? Or have any advice on dealing with this? Because I am so lost 🥺

Posted by smaloney488 at 2022-06-07 14:29:23 UTC