Hi all. I just wanted to write my first post as I found this app the other day and I've been looking endlessly for a space to talk were others relate. I lost my mum, my best friend, my world. She passed away 8 months ago with only a 4 week warning of her illness (pancreatic cancer) this is my worst nightmare and I am heartbroken. Still 8 months on I am really struggling to live a life without mum. I can't get out of bed daily and have no motivation for anything. I mentally can't push myself and I have people that support me but they can't relate and they move on with there life's...I hope to find others that I can chat with and relate feelings and hopefully find a way out of this dark hole I am in. Regards and thoughts to all.

Posted by clairemissesmum at 2022-06-07 10:48:14 UTC