After my mom passed away, the first month went like a bad illusion, an uncomfortable dream. Even though she was the last week in hospice, and we all knew what will happen, I had complete Schock and just did not know what is happening. My mom had 3 strokes in this 6 months time from diagnose until the last breath, all 3 had different effects on her brain. My brother and me both living in different countries, and our family, our mom was the whole time in Hungary where we come from. The first time when I had to leave for one week because of work and my life in Austria, I left her a toy jellyfish to help her cognitive skills, to help her not-so-perfect working hands to get back a little on track. My brother left her his necklace. My mom did not want to move without these two. It was with her until the very last moment. It’s 4 months now, I started to get out now from my flat, which I literally haven’t left for 3 months.. and now I’m abroad with friends who’s trying to help me with healing. But I can’t move without my moms jellyfish, feels like I’m showing her all the new things I see. This helps me a lot!

Posted by Sara_BT at 2022-06-07 05:16:26 UTC