Journal Entry June 2, 2022 When your baby is born you are so in Love. At first glimpse it’s a love you never knew existed before. A love on a level you never knew was even possible. From that moment you pour everything you’ve got into them. An incredible amount of love and attention. All of your emotional energy. Your dreams, your plans and your future. My entire soul has gone into my children. More thought goes into them than you ever knew your parents put into you. More than you ever thought possible. To parent a child is a miraculous thing. A blessing. A profound experience. To lose a child….. It’s the same as when they’re born but in reverse. The amount of pain and agony you experience on every level, your heart, your soul, your body, your brain. It’s more than you ever thought humanly possible. -Truman’s mom

Posted by Tanna at 2022-06-07 02:25:27 UTC