What is just so gut wrenching is my dad passed after 6 months of his diagnosis, and you’re left with a “that’s it?” feeling. Like that’s it? He’s just gone? There’s gotta be something else? He’s been a husband for 47 years, a father to me for 43, and a grandfather for 12 and 14 years and that’s it? There needs to be more. Someone who has done so much and be there so much for his family to just be gone. He was 69 years old. Young. I don’t feel right wanting to smile, and enjoy my life. The reason I enjoy my life is because of the loved ones in my life. What’s all this for then? I’m suppose to love immensely someone who taught me everything in life to then have him gone? It doesn’t make sense

Posted by plungaro78 at 2022-06-07 02:11:37 UTC