Hi all, not really sure what to say it’s been 7 weeks tomorrow since my grief began. I went for my 12 weeks scan and my baby had no heart beat i officially miscarried on the 28/4/22. I feel like my grief is getting worse the more “Normal” my life gets. My anxiety is through the roof. I never ever thought this would happen to me. The constant ache In my heart is awful. This was my first pregnancy and it’s scared me, my future right now looks sad. I’m trying not to think to much into it and take each day as it comes. For the first time this last week though Iv been feeling like why did I need to wake up today? This is the worse pain Iv ever felt in my life, it’s such a lonely place to be. Thanks for reading my rambling x

Posted by Deleted (298aeed8) at 2022-06-06 22:00:57 UTC