I found untangled grief’s Instagram after needing to find people who would: 1. Understand & were trying to cope with the loss of a partner to Cancer (and Covid). 2. Be able to share tips on how to cope with the repetitive loss of close family members to cancer, in a short space of time 3. Just know that sometimes the humor would be dark but it wasn’t the end of the world (since my world was already a post apocalyptic zone - ) I’m currently seeing a clinical Psychiatrist(because I had mental break after I lost my partner and my depression became severe). I’m also being coerced into going back to a psychologist full time because apparently talking to myself on the internet does not count as talk sessions. I think I’ve rambled quite a bit. But I’m more open to share more if you like to chat.

Posted by LisanneClaire at 2022-06-06 09:34:55 UTC