Hi, I'm Peri, I lost my beautiful partner, Ines, in January. She died from an undiagnosed brain tumor that she'd had since childhood. She was 28. Before she died I had been caring for her with what we thought were symptoms of panic attacks and anxiety but now we know that I was given her end of life care. Since she's gone life feels so hard and pointless. Any news good or bad sends me into a spiral of grief and now it's almost 5 months on, it just seems like life for everyone has gone back to normal but I'm stuck in January. The thing I'm told the most by my councillor and friends is I'm too hard on myself but I haven't found a way to not be but being 35, some days it feels like my life died with her and I have to start a new one without her... I don't know how to drag myself out of it. One thing that's helped me stay calm is swimming and I'd recommend it to anyone struggling with loss or just find your own way to get your body moving.

Posted by perit at 2022-06-06 07:33:36 UTC