Hi my name is Sharon, i lost my husband in November last year. I have known my husband since i was 3, we lived 6 doors away from each other, started going out when i was 12, got engaged at 15, married at 18, had my first son at 20, then had another boy, followed by a girl. Now have 4 grandchildren. we worked together, he had his own business which i helped him with. We both got covid-19! but i seem to fight it off, but he was so poorly,with it, no one would come to see him as he had covid. My children are devastated as they never got to see their dad when he was ill, with covid. What makes it so hard, i can see his eyes, he collapsed in front of me, the paramedics worked on him for 25 minutes with the help of my eldest son, but they could not bring him back. And i just keep seeing him laying on my kitchen floor. I am just so lost without him,it would have been out 35th wedding anniversary in June. I just hate my life, i just cry all the time .

Posted by S20 at 2022-04-10 10:42:14 UTC