Hello. My name is Veronica and I lost my older brother Steven to suicide on Easter Sunday 4/17/22. He had struggled with addiction and undiagnosed mental health issues for the majority of my life. He was living with a woman he had been dating for the past couple years and her 3 adult children. She had taken a trip to Italy with her kids and left him home alone with no money, food or gas. He had lost his job and she broke up with him via text from Italy. She told him she didn’t want to be with him any more, she wasn’t his caretaker and for him to find somewhere else to live. She was home for a week and half prior to his death and said they did not speak and just avoided each other in the apt. Easter Sunday she took her kids to a relatives home for the holiday dinner and left my brother alone. He dressed himself in a Joker costume and hung himself in her bedroom. She found him when she got home that night. She notified me the next morning since I keep my phone off at night. She talked to me and seemed amicable until a friend of my brother’s made a gofundme so I could pay for his final expenses. The ex gf was offended she wasn’t getting money or recognition as his partner. It’s insane bc no one got the money except the funeral home. And why would I put her as his partner when they were broken up? Since then she has denied me and my other brother access to see where our brother died and to obtain his possessions. This is adding so much stress to my grief.

Posted by celticcutie111 at 2022-06-04 18:01:34 UTC