Hello! This is my first post (so bare with me as it is long) Its been a year since I lost my grandma. My grandma raised me and my sister when little along with my parents. Many times both parents work and so she will be with me and my sis. Thats why i got so close to her. To you, its my grandma. To me, its my second mom. Some days are good. Some days are terrible and I miss her badly. Ive been quite emotional the last couple of days as one of my friends too, lost her grandma a few days ago. Her loss is salt to the wound as EVERYTHING is bringing back memories. Soooo many triggers! Am i a terrible person for thinking of this triggers? Or the fact im not talking to my friend much? I was there the moment she told me her grandma passed and even gave her flowers but after that? Nothing i feel selfish, bad, silly. But her loss brings so many memories amd triggers. Why is grief so hard. Im hurting, im broken and im not even myself anymore.

Posted by Carolokis14 at 2022-06-03 22:24:20 UTC