I lost my brother in law on January 14th. Today is 20 weeks. I no longer enjoy Fridays. I knew he was in despair. And it is because my sister took everything from him. She treated him exactly the opposite of how he deserved to be treated. He deserved to be honored and loved. Instead she treated him with complete disrespect. She tore him down to nothing. We all watched it happen. He was an amazing musician who left his joy to raise his child with my sister. All the while she was cheating on him and never accountable for her behavior. He could never do right by her. He lived with my son and husband and I for 2 years when she decided to leave him for a married man. He became our family. We were already very close but this became a family unit of support and unconditional love. He struggled with depression, anxiety, low self esteem, addiction and 24/7 fear. His brothers call the day he married my sister “ that fateful day”. They tell me if she was a quarter of the woman I am he would still be alive. This wrecks me. My sister and I are estranged because of the years I watched her mistreat a man I love. He was an amazing uncle to my 17 year old son with autism. He was an amazing dad to his 10 year old son I am also estranged from. My sister will not allow me to have contact with him. We should be and could be grieving together. The part that hurts the most is that my sister has incurable cancer and she is an addict and alcoholic who has used throughout her treatment. My brother in law and I were to split custody once my sister passes. I am so afraid for my nephew but I have had to let go of my fear so that I can properly grieve and heal. And pray that someday I can do right by my beloved brother in law and nephew. I love you so much Mark and I truly understand why you had to leave this world that had been so cruel to you. All LOVE FOREVER AND EVER ❤️‍🩹

Posted by misskhd at 2022-06-03 15:01:14 UTC