Hi everyone. My mom Eleanor died on Christmas Eve 2019 at the age of 73. She battled chronic pain and bladder pain that we were trying to get diagnosed. We had an appointment with someone who would finally listen and she was getting close to maybe having surgery to help her. She spent time with my only daughter who would go over while I worked, since she was a baby born in 2013. My mom loves her so much. On 12/18 My dad went to get some bladder pain medication at a store 5 min away. My daughter 6 at the time her first year of kindergarten was with my mom when she lost consciousness. My mom told her I’m going to lay on the bed and wait for grandpa. They were eating Wendy’s. Between the time my mom went to lay on the bed and my dad getting back gone for about 15 min my mom lost consciousness. My daughter was watching tv. My dad called me from work and said he couldn’t wake mom up. I told him call 911 I’m headed over. He tried CPR never trained just what he heard. I got to their house in 5 min my job was 15 min away. I arrived my mom was in the floor paramedics working on her. She coded but they brought her back 2 times. My daughter was in the other room and they told her to stay there with the door closed. I opened the door and her eyes were big asked me what is happening. I told her grandma is sick they are helping her. These images are forever in my memory. They took my mom on ambulance and she as in a coma for 7 days. The longest 7 days. Lots of tests and it came out she didn’t have brain activity. I share my story as it’s not just she had X and this is why she died. My daughter is now 8 and misses her grandma. My dad helps us we help him. We miss her so much.

Posted by anitra at 2022-06-03 02:42:41 UTC